Edison Pearls

Some edison pearls can be mistaken for south sea pearls due to their rich luster, nacre and excellent shine and overtone. That is why edison pearls are known to be the new alternative to South Sea Pearls. 

Edison Pearls are High Quality Freshwater Pearls

Edison pearls are the results of successful experiment in harvested better and higher quality of fresh water pearls. Edison pearls are freshwater pearl harvested in mussels. 

Edison pearl takes a longer time to grow and only one pearl is being harvested in one mussel. Edison pearls come from mussels and are mostly blemish free with smooth surface. Though some of these pearls may have some bumps and ridges.

Pearl ring
Pearl ring

Edison pearls come in round and baroque shapes. Most of the pearls are of south sea pearls quality but at more affordable price. They can be made into gorgeous types of jewelry.

Edison pearls come in range of colours, with metallic luster with blue greyish shimmer.  They are mainly white, creamy colours, golden and violet. The nacre is thick at about 2-3 mm in thickness. Due to this, they tend to have excellent orient and overtone , brings out the beauty of the pearls.

Diamonds vs Moissanite Diamonds

Diamonds are mainly natural stone, made over many thousands of years in the natural resources and are made of carbon.

Moissanites are lab grown and are made of pure silicon carbide.  Like diamond, moissanite is a near colourless gemstone.  It was first discovered by a French scientist named Henri Moissan.  As this is lab grown, moissanite diamonds are considered as a more eco friendly diamond.

Today, other than moissanites, there are also other lab grown diamonds.

There are some equipment that can help detect diamonds and moissanites.  The equipment detects the temperature of the stone as both diamonds and moissanite are good heat conductor.  Diamond is slightly higher than moissanite.

GemstoneHardnessClarityColorPrice for same carat
Diamond  10 on Mohs scaleMay have some inclusionsGraded D-Z D being the clearest10-20X US$1000 to US$30,000
Moissanite Diamond9-9.5 on Mohs scaleLack of blemishes and inclusionsMay have slight yellow, gray and green tint Diamond K grade and aboveX Eg. US$100 to US$1500
diamond vs moissanite diamond

Diamond vs Moissanite Diamond

So, can you tell which one is my eleven thousand diamond ring?

They look pretty similar right, well two are silver and moissanite and one is 18k white gold with diamond.

So, since I found out that there are so much similarities and differences on these stones, I have decided to go with moissanite.

I cant bear to wear my diamond out, but moissanite, i am fine to flaunt it. and if there is coffee stains or scratches, i can still wash them out, without feeling much pain.

I like both my diamond and moissanite, but if I want to wear my ring daily, I am sure I would choose my moissanite.

Oh, yeah, and if you are wondering, the top right hand corner is my eleven thousand diamond ring.

Diamond is forever. If you are blessed with prosperity, why not pamper yourself with the best selections of diamonds.

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Precious Metal for Your Gems

Precious Metals for Your Perfect Gem

Do you know your precious metals?  I always thought that gold and white gold are much more valuable than other metals, until I did my research while searching for the perfect gifts for my daughter and mom.

So, here, just like how I only wanted to get the best value items, here are the lists of differences and advantages of each precious metals.

We love our gems, but most of them have to sit on shining and beautiful precious metals. The white gold, yellow gold and rose gold that we usually wear with our gem are usually mixed and made with other precious metal. Here are some of the precious metals and the differences in pricing.

Prices for Your Precious Metals

Weight per OzGoldSilverPlatinumRhodiumPalladium
Prices(in SGD)2517371603332603730
prices of precious metals

Indication of pricing as of 26 May 2021. Each oz is equivalent of 28.35 gm

Most of our gold jewelries ranges from 24k to 9k.  What does k means in gold?  It is the purity of the gold.  Karat in gold is the measurement of the ratio of gold to other metals or alloys.

The Karat in gold is the purity of the gold.

Other metals such as copper, nickel, silver and palladium are added in the composition to strengthen it to produce jewellery.

The K in your gold

9K gold has 37.5% gold content

10K gold has 41.7% gold content

14K gold has 58.3% gold content

18K gold has 75% gold content

20K gold has 83.3% gold content

22K gold has 91.7% gold content

24K gold has 99% gold content

White gold, platinum and rhodium has silver based while yellow gold and rose gold brings out the golden colour in your jewelries.  But, do you know that other than the look of the precious metals, the selections of the precious metals for your perfect gems can also affect the pricing of each of your jewel.

Most importantly, if you are allergy to nickel, you may consider rhodium or rhodium plated jewelries instead.



Pearls, can you tell the difference between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls? Are saltwater pearls better than freshwater pearls?  Saltwater pearls are usually more valuable than freshwater pearl.  However, with today’s technology, some freshwater pearls look and feel as beautiful and valuable as salt water pearls.

Pearl is a beautiful gemstone, composed of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form.   Pearls are mainly white, gold, pink, black, grey, purple, green and blue in colours.  There are many variants of colours in pearls too.  Pearl has 1.52-1.69 refractive index.  Its specific gravity os around 2.6-2.85 and on mohs hardness ranges from 2.5 to 3.0.

Pearls are very beautiful gems and popular for beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and solitaires rings and pendants. Though mainly round and oval, there are pearls that comes in different shapes and sizes. For example, natural abalone pearls are horn shaped.

Natural pearls are pearls naturally grown in oysters, mussels, sea snails, conch and abalone.  These days, there are many culturally grown pearls via culturing process to grow on farm oysters or mussels for their pearls.

Pearls can be found on the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Carribean Sea, Mediterranean Sea. Pearls are also found in Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, China, Taiwan, USA, Coast of Mexico, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Shining Lustre Pearl

Saltwater Pearls vs Freshwater Pearls

Pearls grow in mussels and oysters. Freshwater pearls are produced in mussel while south sea pearls are produced by oysters farmed in salt water.  A single freshwater mussel can produce up to 50 pearls at one time, while oyster produces one to two pearl at one time.

Salt water pearls are more valuable than fresh water pearls.  However, with today’s technology , freshwater pearls are becoming as good too.

Akoya Saltwater Pearls

Mikimoto is associated with Akoya pearls.  Akoya pearl was first produced in Japan in 1893.  Akoya pearls are salt water pearl grown in Japan and now China and India.  The oyster used to grow Akoya pearls is known as Pinctada fucata martensii.  The oysters are seeded with a round bead, made of mother of pearl.  This is why akoya pearls are predominantly round in shape.

Hanadama Saltwater Pearls

Hanadama pearls are highest grade of saltwater akoya pearls.  Each hanadama grade pearl is accompanied by a numbered certificate from the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan.

Natural white refers to the untreated hanadama pearl.  Regular white hanadama pearls usually comes with a tinge of rose overtone or slight pink.

South Sea Pearls

South sea pearls are salt water cultured pearls.  They are large in size and thick in nacre.  Mainly found in Australia, Indonesia and Phillipines.  South sea cultured pearls are mainly white, gold and silver in colour.

Pearl ring diamond
Pearl ring diamond

There is another alternative of high quality south sea pearls also known as edison pearls. Harvested in freshwater mussels, they are more affordable.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are also grown like south sea pearls.  Tahitian pearls are grown in black lipped oyster.  That is why Tahitian pearls are usually known for its black pearls or darker in colour pearls like black, dark grey, cobalt blue and dark green. Tahitian pearls are usually found in the islands of French Polynesia.

How are Pearls Valued

The value of a pearl is assessed based on the following & characteristics of each pearl.

Pearl ring
Pearl ring

Luster – Pearl with high luster give the pearl sharp bright reflections from the surface of the pearl

Surface Quality  -The lesser the blemishes found on the pearl the higher the value is

Shape – Pearl comes in many shapes, mainly round, oval, button, droplets, baroque. Spherical and symmetrical pearls are highly valued.

Colour – White is the classic colour of pearl.  However, pearls comes in many shades of colours too, of white, golden, grey, pink, green, purple, orange and etc.

Nacre thickness – Pearl is evaluated with acre thickness to ensure that they are not just beautiful but durable

Size – Cultured pearls range from 2mm to 16mm in diameter

And if more than one piece for jewelry, is the addition of matching of the pearls.

How to tell if your pearls are real or fake.

How to care for your pearls.

Get your pearls today.

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Moissanite Diamond

What is the difference between natural diamond and moissanite diamond?

Few years ago, I received an eleven thousand 1 carat white gold diamond ring. Few days ago, I got one which is pretty similar to that ring for a mere one two hundred and fifty dollars. One cant really tell the difference with the naked eyes.

So, what is this two hundred and fifty dollars ring, it is 1 carat moissanite diamond on silver ring. As beautiful as the diamond ring, but less hurtful on my pocket.

So, from now, I will only purchase moissanite as it is as good as diamonds. But, do not let me influence you, instead, let’s dive in to see what are the real differences between both.

carat in diamond is the weight of the diamond

So, what is the difference between diamond and moissanite diamond?

Both one carat diamond. One is US$61K while another is slightly more than US$1K. Can you tell the difference?

gemstone for illustration purpose only
gemstone for illustration purpose only

So, let’s find out what are the main differences between diamond and moissanite diamond.

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