Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls are generally known for its black or dark body colours.  Tahitian pearls are not pure black as they usually display range of overtones like blue, purple, green, brown or silver.  The most sought after Tahitian pearls will have a dark green body colour and peacock overtones.

Black Overtone Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are the only naturally black tone pearls while black akoya and freshwater pearls are usually dyed.

Black overtone tahitian pearls
Tahitian pearls with rich secondary colours

Tahitian pearls usually comes in round, near round, baroque or circles.

Tahitian Pearls are grown in French Polynesia.  Tuamotu Archipelago and Gambier Islands off Pacific Oceans, are responsible for the most productions of Tahitian Pearls.

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French Polynesian Islands

The Tuamotu Archipelago or the Tuamotu Islands, are a French Polynesian chain of just under 80 islands and atolls in the southern Pacific Ocean. They constitute the largest chain of atolls in the world, extending over an area roughly the size of Western Europe. Their combined land area is 850 square kilometres.  Tuamotus comprise of several chains of coral atolls with a total population of about 16,000 people.

The Gambier Islands are an archipelago in French Polynesia.  It has an area of about 30 km2 or 12 sq miles.  They are considered a separate island from Tuamotu as it has its own culture and language.  The Gambiers are of volcanic origin with central high islands with about 1,300 people in population.

An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets. An atoll surrounds a body of water called a lagoon. Sometimes, atolls and lagoons protect a central island. Channels between islets connect a lagoon to the open ocean or sea. Atolls develop with underwater volcanoes, called seamounts.