Diamonds vs Moissanite Diamonds

Diamonds are mainly natural stone, made over many thousands of years in the natural resources and are made of carbon.

Moissanites are lab grown and are made of pure silicon carbide.  Like diamond, moissanite is a near colourless gemstone.  It was first discovered by a French scientist named Henri Moissan.  As this is lab grown, moissanite diamonds are considered as a more eco friendly diamond.

Today, other than moissanites, there are also other lab grown diamonds.

There are some equipment that can help detect diamonds and moissanites.  The equipment detects the temperature of the stone as both diamonds and moissanite are good heat conductor.  Diamond is slightly higher than moissanite.

GemstoneHardnessClarityColorPrice for same carat
Diamond  10 on Mohs scaleMay have some inclusionsGraded D-Z D being the clearest10-20X US$1000 to US$30,000
Moissanite Diamond9-9.5 on Mohs scaleLack of blemishes and inclusionsMay have slight yellow, gray and green tint Diamond K grade and aboveX Eg. US$100 to US$1500
diamond vs moissanite diamond

Diamond vs Moissanite Diamond

So, can you tell which one is my eleven thousand diamond ring?

They look pretty similar right, well two are silver and moissanite and one is 18k white gold with diamond.

So, since I found out that there are so much similarities and differences on these stones, I have decided to go with moissanite.

I cant bear to wear my diamond out, but moissanite, i am fine to flaunt it. and if there is coffee stains or scratches, i can still wash them out, without feeling much pain.

I like both my diamond and moissanite, but if I want to wear my ring daily, I am sure I would choose my moissanite.

Oh, yeah, and if you are wondering, the top right hand corner is my eleven thousand diamond ring.

Diamond is forever. If you are blessed with prosperity, why not pamper yourself with the best selections of diamonds.

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