Moissanite Diamond

What is the difference between natural diamond and moissanite diamond?

Few years ago, I received an eleven thousand 1 carat white gold diamond ring. Few days ago, I got one which is pretty similar to that ring for a mere one two hundred and fifty dollars. One cant really tell the difference with the naked eyes.

So, what is this two hundred and fifty dollars ring, it is 1 carat moissanite diamond on silver ring. As beautiful as the diamond ring, but less hurtful on my pocket.

So, from now, I will only purchase moissanite as it is as good as diamonds. But, do not let me influence you, instead, let’s dive in to see what are the real differences between both.

carat in diamond is the weight of the diamond

So, what is the difference between diamond and moissanite diamond?

Both one carat diamond. One is US$61K while another is slightly more than US$1K. Can you tell the difference?

gemstone for illustration purpose only
gemstone for illustration purpose only

So, let’s find out what are the main differences between diamond and moissanite diamond.

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Dreams do come true
dreams do come true!

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