Pearls Care

Pearls care offer you information on how you can keep the luster and shine on your pearls. So, how are the best ways to care for your pearls in order to last a lifetime or two.  Keeping and caring for your pearls well will ensure its pristine condition.

How are pearls formed in oysters or mussels

Pearls are naturally formed in oysters or mussels.  Pearls are formed by fluid secreted by oyster or mussel around the irritant finds embedded onto the walls of the oyster or mussel. Layer after layer are deposited around the center, resulting in the formation of a pearl.  These layers are called nacre.

A pearl has the unique ability to refract and reflect light from the surface of the pearl.

Therefore, care must be taken to protect the nacre by avoiding exposure to strong light, excessive heat or chemicals. In order for it not to dry out, pearls need moisture.

In order to maintain the luster of a pearl, one must know how to care for the pearl to maintain its shimmer and shine over a longer period of time. 

How to Care for Your Pearls

Pearls are easy to care for. Just like any jewelry, it is important to wear them last.  Always put your pearl on after getting dressed, appky make up lotion, perfume, hairspray.  Pearls should be removed first before getting undressed.

Wipe your pearls with soft cloth to remove oil and perspiration before storing them back.

Pearl ring
Pearl ring

If you are wearing stringed pearls, Make sure the string is dry before wearing or storing them away. Restring them frequently, at least once every two years to ensure the strings that bind the pearls are clean and strong. If stringed, make sure your pearls are placed flat to avoid hem being lose.

Keep your pearls away from direct sunlight or UV rays that may damage them, leading to discolouration or cracking.

Do not store them in a closed area as pearl nacre has an organic composition and needs moisture to breathe.

You may use a soft cloth dipped into soft dish soap with a little bit of warm water to clean your pearls.  Gently rub the pearl in soft circular motion for about 20 seconds.  You can wear your pearl daily. Proper care helps you maintain the beauty of your pearls.

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