Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a colorless, synthetic gemstone made of the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide.  Cubic zirconia are mainly lab created. Cubic zirconia is an inexpensive alternative to moissanite diamond.

Though it may look slightly the same, the feel and the price of cubic zirconia is way lower than moissanite.  Cubic zirconia is usually 1/10th to 1/20th of a moissanite diamond.

High Quality Low In Price

Some of the cubic zirconia jewelries look very pretty and some has high quality that make them look similar to moissanite diamond, when view with the naked eyes.

However, if you see any beautiful cubic zirconia jewelries pieces that you are called to own or wear, go for it.  The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or wearer, anyways.

Make Sure To Positive Vibes Zirconia

Most importantly, make sure it brings out the positive vibes within you.

Cubic zirconia has Mohs scale of hardness ranking of 8.5. However, cubic zirconia can become cloudy over time.

Cubic zirconia is also slightly denser than diamonds. Hence, a one carat moissanite diamond may weigh lesser than a one carat cubic zirconia.

So, how do you choose? Check out feels great and looks great tip on choosing your gem.

Some people prefer natural gemstones like diamond and pearl, to cubic zirconia, while others enjoy the beauty of the synthetic stone that costs much more less. There are some very beautiful cubic zirconia jewelries that you can purchased to wear daily.

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